Family Business Advising - Governance and transmission

Training - Seminars

Christine Blondel runs several training courses:

  • At INSEAD she co-directs “The Family Enterprise Challenge,” a one week program for family business groups
  • In partnership with KDVI, she runs Masterclasses for Advisors
  • Within the FamilyGovernance framework, she offers a series of short seminars on specific themes
  • She develops and takes part in tailor-made seminars both for family businesses and their advisers.

For more information on FamilyGovernance seminars, see the News section.

Examples of custom-made seminars (at times with the presence of other experts):

  • For upcoming generations: family enterprise awareness raising, the different roles within a family business, the rights and responsibilities
  • For shareholders: value creation, financial training, functioning of the enterprise (computer simulations), governance
  • For family members working in the company: styles of leadership
  • For family business advisers: understanding family enterprises and modes of advice
  • For all audiences: family enterprise training, the challenges, good governance.

"It was a pleasure… she was very professional and open."
"A very good speaker. Very pertinent issues"
"Structured and methods of thorough teaching. Excellent from all angles."
"Excellent at helping us how to find out our personal goals, common goals"