Family Business Advising - Governance and transmission


Christine Blondel is regularly invited to give conferences both in France and abroad. Their principal themes are Fair Process, Transmission, Factors of Continuity, Good Governance, and The Role of Women.

"Many thanks Christine for much appreciated and efficient help. You have just the right mix of family, enterprise, professionalism and emotion. The result was extraordinary and raised questions in a well-organized ambiance to which you have the secret. All our participants were enthusiastic. Many congratulations and sincere thanks."

Christine is frequently interviewed for articles and documentaries relating to family businesses. She has featured on BFM, France Culture, France Inter, Antenne 2, and also in L’Usine Nouvelle, Le Monde, Le Figaro and numerous other reviews and magazines in France and abroad. You’ll find several videos in our Resources section.

Some recent accomplishments

  • Lisbon, Portugal, November 2020: Nova School of Business and Economics-On line conference: 'Family Firms and their paradoxes'
  • Brazil, November 2020: IBGC On line Conference- "Governance that includes, inspires and transforms"
  • USA, October 2020: Cornell USA/ Smith Family, Business Initiative- On line Small group discussions "Crisis as a revealer"
  • October 2020: Family Business Advisor Masterclass, with KDVI (on line)
  • Fontainebleau, France, July 2020: INSEAD- Participation in roundtables- "Families in business transformation and emotional dynamics"
  • France, June 2020: INSEAD- MBA elective on Family Business
  • May 2020: Family Business Advisor Masterclass, with KDVI (on line)
  • Lille, France, février 2020: Réunion de chefs d'entreprise sur la transmission
  • Genève, Suisse, Janvier 2020: FBN Suisse- "Donner du sens à l'entreprise familiale par les valeurs et la mission" avec Michel Leclerq
  • Fontainebleau, France, October 2019: "The Family Enterprise Challenge"- INSEAD
  • France, octobrer 2019:  FBN Nord- Une journée particulière chez Bonduelle
  • Luxembourg, septembre 2019:  FBN francophones- "La responsabilité de l'actionnaire"
  • Lisbon, Portugal, May 2019 : "Family Business" Seminar- Nova School of Busiess and Economics
  • Cairo,Egypt, April 2019: Series of Conferences- American University of Cairo
  • Bretagne, France, février 2019 : FBN France Grand Ouest- Une journée particulière dans l'entreprise Charier
  • Tanger, Maroc,15-16 novembre 2018 : Conférence privée- "Transmission du patrimoine: un projet long-terme"
  • Beirut, Lebanon, 2018 October 31 : FBN Levant- "Fair Process and Conflict management in family business"
  • London, UK, 2018 October 24 to 26 : FFI Conference- "Celebrating the Past, Writing the history of the Future"
  • Fontainebleau, France, October 15 to 19 : " The Family Enterprise Challenge " with Randel Carlock - INSEAD
  • Venise, Italy, 2018 October 10 to 12 : FBN Community Circle:" Deepen your family conversations and decision making by applying Fair Process principles " with Albert-Jan Thomassen
  •  Venise, Italy, 2018 October 10 to 12 : FBN Community Circle. Small group discussions: " From Monarchy to meritocratic Democracy "
  • Geneva, Switzerland, April 2018 : Panelist on Women on Boards
  • Fontainebleau, France, avril 2018 : "L’entreprise familiale forces et défis"- INSEAD
  • Lisbon, Portugal, April 2018 : "Family Business " Seminar - Nova School of Business and Economics
  • Lyon, France, mars 2018 : Conférence "Construire la gouvernance au fil des générations, les clefs du succès" – Family Business Network France