To help entrepreneurial families to positively contribute to the economy and their environment, via projects based on agreement, good will and understanding.

Firmly committed to the family enterprise model and keen to assist family shareholders in overcoming their challenges, Christine Blondel founded FamilyGovernance – an advising and training organisation entirely dedicated to the governance and transmission of family businesses.

The principles on which her work relies are:

FamilyGovernance Principles

Taking each person into account.

Whatever his or her official role, each family enterprise member influences its long-term success. Understanding each person's viewpoint and engaging all those concerned is the essence of Fair Process. The solutions are built by the family members themselves, during a collective process, facilitated by the adviser.

The five components of Fair Process are Communication, Clarity, Coherence, Possible Change and the Culture of Fairness.


Flexibility, adaptation and integrity

With a sincere concern for the families' best interests, Christine Blondel aims to adapt her interventions to their needs and to their speed of advancement.

The respect of confidentiality

In family groups and in relation to the outside world, strict confidentiality is essential to protect both the enterprise and the family. Confidentiality fosters trust and communication.

Personal commitment and optimum service...

... taking into account the needs of business-owning families. Christine Blondel works with other highly experienced specialists who share her values. She values and practices life-long learning and supervision, both for herself and for the advisors she works with.

Fair Process in Family Business

Le Fair Process ou processus participatif: CB applique la méthodologie basée sur le Fair process développé à l’INSEAD (Van der Heyden, Blondel, Carlock – INSEAD) selon lequel le conseiller intervient pour accompagner une élaboration collective faite par la famille.