Christine Blondel


Christine Blondel has 20 years of experience in the family business field and exposure to hundreds of family business cases through her teaching, writing, conferences, advising and board membership. She invests in life-long learning and supervision by certified coaches.

Christine Blondel works with several experts who share her values. In coordination with business families, she identifies the persons most suited to answer their needs.The advisors' skills include : corporate and family governance, leadership and coaching, psychology, mediation, finance, business training, etc. They can work in different countries of the world and in different languages (French, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

As Adjunct Professor of Family Business at INSEAD (the Global Business School with campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi), she co-directs the one-week programme for business families : « The Family Enterprise Challenge ». She coordinated INSEAD family enterprise activities from their creation in January 1997 until December 2007 - she was the first Executive Director of the Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise.

She is currently a Visiting Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon (Portugal) and an Academic Scholar at the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University (USA).

In her own advisory practice, FamilyGovernance, she uses Fair Process principles to support family businesses in France and abroad on their generational transitions and governance. Her approach is to guide and support the families in designing their own solutions, by fostering communication and « collective intelligence », rather than « giving advice ». She personally led such processes with about 75 families, from 1st to 10th generation, from a few million € turnover to several billions, and in different countries.

She is a board member of INSEAD Foundation (which manages part of INSEAD Endowment), D’Ieteren, a 200 + year-old family company traded on Brussels stock market (6.5 billion € turnover), and of a publicly-traded French biotech company. She is actively involved in several family business associations (IFERA Fellow and co-founder, FFI Fellow, former board member of FBN International).

She received the FFI « Interdisciplinary Award » at their October 2017 conference.

A graduate from INSEAD (MBA 1981) and Ecole Polytechnique (France, promotion 1977) she worked 3 years as a management consultant before joining Procter & Gamble, where she had positions in Marketing (Brand Manager) and Finance (Associate Finance Director) (1984 to 1993). As part of her continuous learning, she followed the “Road Map for Facilitators” delivered by the Business Families Foundation (Montreal, 1999), INSEAD Negociation Dynamics programme (2006) and INSEAD International Directors Programme (2014).

Her four grown-up children are certainly an important part of her CV, and to a lesser extent the fact that several family businesses can be found in her direct or indirect ancestry.