Family Business Advising - Governance and transmission

Consultancy and Support

Each enterprise and each family are unique. Nevertheless, certain themes are common to all. For example, the transmission of the enterprise to the next generation, or the development of good governance in order to sustain the family project. Carefully tailored support facilitates family communication and collective decision making, while building on experience from other family businesses.

Examples of areas of intervention:

  • Developing a family vision
  • Guiding the elaboration of a family charter
  • Forming a family council or an owners' council
  • Supporting the governance transition from a “monarchic” system to a more inclusive one relying on explicit roles, rules and meritocracy
  • Raising family business awareness among “next generation” members
  • Supporting intergenerational transmission

Our methodology often includes a personal interview phase with a restitution of what has been said. This permits each person to fully express their point of view and contributes to calming the tensions created by what normally goes unsaid.

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide other experts with complementary skills, such as leadership coaching, psychology, finance, in-company training, or working in other languages.

« When I see where we are today and look back at what has been accomplished, I consider your contribution to be invaluable! We still have some way to go, but now a solid basis has been laid down and we are moving forward. Our family venture continues to be thoroughly fascinating! »