Family Business Advising - Governance and transmission


Family enterprises are the mainstay of the economy. Firmly anchored in human communities and turned towards the long-term, they avoid many of the pitfalls of purely financial capitalism

However, the challenges of transmission and family relationships can threaten both the company itself and family shareholders, and this can destroy the intrinsic financial, human and emotional capital.

Firmly committed to the family enterprise model, and willing to support family shareholders to overcome challenges and contribute positively, Christine Blondel founded FamilyGovernance, an advising and training organisation entirely dedicated to the governance and transmission of family businesses.

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Through family projects, based on agreement, good will and understanding, to help entrepreneurial families to positively contribute to the economy and the world.


Depending on specific family needs, our support takes the form of conferences, training programs, workshops, coaching or guidance spread over time.

NEW! FamilyGovernance seminars, target small numbers of family members and are based on various themes.