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  Advising family business on governance and succession

Christine Blondel created FamilyGovernance to provide specialist support for owners of family businesses. Most of our clients speak English or French, but services can be provided in other languages on request.

Depending on the requirements of families, our services can take the form of a presentation, a training session, an educational programme or long-term advice and support. 

Tel : 33 (0) 9 77 82 65 03

Christine Blondel teaches family enterprise at INSEAD, the international business school with campuses in Fontainebleau (France), Singapore and Abu Dhabi. She co-ordinated INSEAD’s family business activities from their inception in 1997 and is a former director of the school’s Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise. page

Mission : To help family businesses throughout the world rise to their specific challenges (such as governance, succession and generational transitions) by offering tailored advice and education/training. page
Advising : Every family business, like every family, is unique. However, certain themes are common to many family firms – starting with the question of succession planning and continuing with the evolution of three overlapping spheres: business, ownership and family. page